Monday, November 29, 2010


Hopefully everyone out there had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Our Thanksgiving was a little more exciting than we had planned.  Thanksgiving day started slowly; I worked on an adorable little knitted cap for my mom - it's a mini cap used as a wine bottle topper.  There is a matching scarf as well.  Mackenzie, the most fantastic dog ever, received a new toy to destroy - her jaw is incredibly strong so we know these toys won't last long! 

The excitement started when we left the building.  By the time we headed out to visit family, we found out that the electricity in our entire condo complex was out.  It has been classified as a catastrophic power failure.  Catastrophic is right.  We didn't get power back for more than two days.  But at least I finished a small Christmas project for my mom!

Knitted cap for my mom

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