Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday :: Frosting

Tonight I got a special treat - I got to talk to Alan over iChat for a solid hour without him getting kicked off the internet.  While we were chatting on iChat for the first time, I took a snapshot of us chatting.  As much as I want to share that picture, I'll just describe it a bit and keep that as one little personal item.  In the picture I'm rocking my University of Virginia sweatshirt, glasses and hair that just keeps growing out for the wedding.  Alan is rocking a sweet, mountain man beard and a new hair style that I have to describe as Pauly D-esque.  For a Marine, it is a very unusual look.

So rather than sharing the picture that closes out my day.  I'm going to share a picture from the start of my day :: this incredible muffin from Frosting.  Their bakery is up the street from our office and I love that place.  They now know my order - hot chocolate with less chocolate than usual and a pumpkin muffin.  I would seriously buy this recipe.  Wouldn't you?!

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