Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Ornament Roundup

The tree is up and Christmas spirit is fully in effect, so I figure now is the best time to find ornaments to make at home.  Here are the ones I've come across and plan to make this month:

How to upgrade ornaments you already have from Do It Yourself:

Use the initials of family members or the year of celebration.

How to make impressive ornaments out of foam balls also from Do It Yourself:

Funky & bright!

Adorable knitted bird from Purl Bee:

Perfect little birds to make in a variety of colors!

Detailed steps on how to recycle old Christmas cards into ornaments:

The glitter is a whimsical touch to old cards.

Simple ornaments to make at home with the kiddos from Martha Stewart:

A new twist on a common product - I have bags of buttons at home for this project.

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