Monday, December 20, 2010

One Giant Olive

On Sunday I enjoyed a very leisurely morning.  Alan, Mackenzie, and I watched 27 Dresses and were complete bums until 11 am.  While watching one of my favorite chic flicks, I worked on a very small, but hopefully funny and enjoyable present for my dad.

My dad has been a role model for me in many ways - over the years he has taught me to enjoy beer and colored paper clips.  He introduced me to Taylor Pork roll and the importance of breakfast fixin's.  He still displays crooked and frankly, hideous items that I made for him as a child.  He has been the best dad a daughter could ask for and so for Christmas, I wanted to knit him something that he would enjoy.  The one thing my dad really likes to eat that I cannot fathom, are olives.  So this year, I've produced one giant olive for him.

Here are a couple pictures of my work.  This giant olive took me about two hours and very little yarn.  I found the pattern on Ravelry - you can also access it directly from the blog site I Like Lemons.  The pattern calls for 10.5 needles, I used size 7.  For the next giant olive I make, I'll use size 7 again but a lighter weight yarn.

Stuffed olive!

From the side

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