Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year :: Deployment #2

For New Year's Eve, Alan and I had a couple of friends over for a last minute party.  It was a fantastic reason to celebrate with friends and devour Paul's incredible lasagna (as in make your own sauce according to your grandmother's recipe that she perfected in Italy before coming to America).

These are some fun pictures of the little items we had spread around the condo for people to nibble on before we tucked into huge plates of pure lasagna.  The spicy nuts Alan made using a Real Simple recipe I found were one of my favorites!!

Of course we had a cheese platter - I love cheese! 

Gorgeous tulips from Trader Joe's, shrimp in martini glasses and the new tray my mom gave me for Christmas

Showing off my apron from Antropologie! 

The party was a lot of fun but with the new year comes Alan's deployment; on Sunday Alan left for his four month deployment to Afghanistan.  Four months sounds like a short amount of time but in reality, any given day can feel like a decade.  Saturday was just the opposite; the last full day we had together felt like it was only minutes.  I realize that we did things - we had brunch with friends, saw a family that Alan is close to, visited with Alan's parents.  I remember doing all those things but they simply happened too fast.  I wasn't ready for Sunday and Saturday seemed to rush me along.  

After tons of packing, Alan was ready. 
Mackenzie and I are settling into the change: there is less noise in the house which is probably the biggest difference.  But so far I've gotten to talk to Alan on the phone twice - he's still in Kuwait waiting on a bag before he heads in country.  I miss him every day but between Mackenzie, this blog, and lots of knitting, I'm getting along.

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