Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dancing Shoes

Wedding planning is no joke - especially since we're only four months away.  Oh, and add in the fun factor of Alan being deployed, this whole thing becomes much less of a joke.  Over the course of the last two weeks (the first two weeks of his four month deployment), I've kept myself very busy with lots of projects at home, including knitting and shopping for the wedding.  I also managed to get incredibly sick with the flu.  Probably the worst I've felt in a LONG while.  I guess with the amount of tissues I'm going through, it's probably a good thing Alan is away and didn't have to play witness or nurse.

Here are some pics so we can play catch up....

Purchased fabulous dancing shoes for the wedding!!

Purchased yarn to make an infinity scarf for myself - going to create my own pattern for this one.

Blocked this pretty, light blue sweater I started in the spring - I love my new blocking board!

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