Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Trouble with Bookshelves

The trouble with bookshelves is that I have a million books and just filling bookshelves with books isn't stylish.  Last weekend I took a good hard look at my bookshelves, flipped through a few decorating books and magazines I love, and then edited.  The result: a better display of a few of my books, pictures and family antiques.  The glass pieces and books on each shelf create a common feeling which links the shelves together.

Colorful crafting and cook books accompany my grandmother's antique tea cup and saucer.

One of the glass pieces on display alongside beautiful pictures.

One of my baby shoes atop some classics! 

What would a bookshelf be without a terrarium?

A picture of my dad as a kid, antique class jar from my mom, and a picture of me with my dad.


  1. This is great, Cady! This is one of my biggest decorating challenges. I have a ton of "cubbies" in my new house. I would love, love, love if you could help me with them.

    BTW, I didnt' mean to ignore your tweet to me. I just haven't figured out how it works yet. If I reply to you, does it go just to you or does it post to everyone?


  2. I'd love to help! Especially because I can't wait to see your new house :)

    Get back on twitter! I really enjoy it. When you look at the tweet I sent, or really any of mine, there is a place under the tweet where you can choose to make the tweet a favorite, retweet it to others, or reply. Or you can just type @CMSDesignCo and start writing. Now that you and Oli have a new house, you should look around on twitter for design ideas. There's lots of stuff on there.

    Miss you girl!


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