Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With Love from Afghanistan

How would you celebrate Valentine's day when your loved one is across the Atlantic?  This year Alan and I sent something to each other and in the process have made Valentine's day span the better half of February.  Because I was off on 2.14.11, Alan sent flowers to the office on Tuesday (see fabulous picture below).  They are the tallest roses I've ever seen and the lilies smell divine.  He signed his card, with love from Afghanistan which has become our title for the Crate & Barrel Wedding 2011 Contest.  If you have a moment, check us out!    

Alan has also sent me Kate Spade gifts (which I LOVE) - a fantastic multi-colored bangle and purse.  The purse is yet to be delivered.  Hoping that comes in today!

What can I say?  I'm one heck of a lucky girl.

The package I sent to Afghanistan by all accounts should have made it to him on time.  Unfortunately, since he is at a small base in the mountains of Afghanistan, mail delivery isn't exactly consistent.  In fact, it's been anything but consistent.  In the last week and a half, the FOB has only received one mail drop.  Keep your fingers crossed that my fun, Valentine's day themed package reaches him soon!!

Mackenzie also got lucky with toys.  Here is an adorable picture I managed to get of her before she destroyed her first Valentine's day toy.

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