Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cork Wreath Tutorial

This cork wreath was made entirely from recycled materials that we all have around the house.  Of course, that is if you have enough wine corks.  This required four pieces of cardboard, a ton of corks, a glue gun, and magazine cut outs.

Use four cardboard pieces that are roughly the same size.  The one piece with the writing is a remnant of the first package I sent Alan this deployment.  The package was returned to me more than a month later.

 Arrange the pieces like so.  Apply hot glue in each corner. 

Start gluing down the corks.  


All the corks are down. 

Cut out scalloped squares from a magazine you have handy. 

Fold the paper around a pen or pencil and glue in between each cork to fill any gaps and give it a decorative touch. 

Now you have your wreath! 

 Or it can be repurposed in the middle of your dining room table! 

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