Monday, March 14, 2011

Knitted Bag

Today I finished my knitted bag and I love it!  I actually started this bag more than a year ago when Alan went on his ride from DC to Valdosta, Georgia (and by ride, I mean bike ride - yes, more than 700 miles on a bike).  During the week while Alan was away, I completed most of the body of the bag.  From there, despite really wanting to finish this bag, I obviously took my sweet time in doing so.  Guess I had to wait for him to deploy again to finish it.

So here it is - my freshly completed knitted tote bag!  

The body of the bag is grey with black at the bottom - I was strategic in using black because the bottom of purses pick up dirt too easily and I need this one to last. 

Using duplicate stitch and two shades of blue, I created this scattered look across the bag. 

I sewed a zebra print fabric into the bag - I think it gives it a really interesting depth. 

The back of the bag shows a bit more of the scattered look. 

The perfect knitted bag for my books and projects! 

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