Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Invitation Tip!

We are right at the two month countdown to our big day!  That two month mark means one thing: invitations.  Starting on Saturday I've been stuffing and stamping, checking and double checking each address, envelope, and spreadsheet.  One tip that I received from a friend that I have to pass on is a numbering system to help track all your reply cards.

One of my bridesmaids suggested numbering each person, couple, or family in our master spreadsheet and then writing that corresponding number on the reply card in their invitation.  This way, if you lose a reply card or someone forgets to write their name on the card, you're in luck!  Just reference the number on the reply card (or figure out which one is missing).  Here's a picture of the invitation process and numbering.

That's a lot of paper! 

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