Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Use for Altoids Containers!

Organization projects are wonderfully fun to me.  I love to find ways to keep my life and craft supplies organized.  This blog post was inspired by Real Simple - one of my favorite magazines that provides inspiration for organization and fun ways to get a new use out of a regular, old item.

The regular, old item I've found ways to reuse for organizational purposes is an Altoids container.  These simple containers are the perfect fit for craft supplies.  I use them to hold sewing needles, buttons, thread, measuring tape, stitch markers and more.  If you like the containers but don't need them for crafting supplies, use them for bobby pins or hair ties.  Let's face it, those things get lost all the time and this is a perfect way to stash them in your purse! 

Different types of Altoids containers that you can use.

My craft supplies stored away - the best part is that these don't pop open so you aren't at risk of spills!

An alternation approach: hair elastics and bobby pins.

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