Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where (some of) the Magic Happens

For at least a year now, I've wanted to change my desk.  Correction, I had a make-up table and wanted to upgrade to a real desk.  The old piece was exactly that - old.  And while it had a couple of handy drawers, it wasn't a flat surface where I could spread out my work.

Last weekend I went to this fantastic antique shop On A Whim in Lucketts, VA.  They have some fantastic  furniture!  I'm so excited about my new desk - I just had to share.  This is the spot where some of my creative magic happens.  It's perfect because it easily fits the things I need: books, my pens, and of course, my laptop.  The best part was the price - this piece was on sale for just $65!  Of course, I had to have it.  So now you can see one of the spots where I work.

My new desk and work station

Found this cute stand at On A Whim as well. 

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